Financing can make or break a project and it is an area of expertise that sets Neighborly Energy apart from our competitors.

New solar energy systems can make financial sense when they can take advantage of the financial incentives offered by governments and utilities.  Incentives can turn solar energy systems into profitable investments – transforming a cost into a benefit.  However, incentives can come in many different forms and usually do not accrue to owners until a system is in production.  Consequently, even with incentives, solar projects can still require substantial capital.

Neighborly will help you to understand the financial incentives available to your project, modeling the cash requirements of the project and helping you to identify the most advantageous options for financing.

The typical financial options are direct capital, loans or leases.  To achieve immediate energy savings with no upfront cost, a Power Purchase Agreement, or PPA, could be an option.  In this instance, a third-party buys the system and sells the energy that it generates to the site owner, or “host”.

We have experience with all the various types of financing available and will provide you with sound guidance.